Semerang Swivel Chair by Tommy Bahama

If you’ve got an itch to redecorate, adding accent pieces to a room is the quickest and easiest way to give your room a facelift. We offer our customers a one-stop shopping experience. We carry everything from accent chairs, pillows, rugs, artwork, mirrors, lamps, accent tables, and accessories to give a room that finishing touch.

To add something special to a room, consider an accent chair with a pop of color. Choose from thousands of fabrics from Thomasville, Bernhardt, Lexington and Henredon. Our customers have the option of creating a custom piece of furniture that will be tailor made to fit their personal style.
Another easy way to bring in some color is on the floor. Change out a rug you’ve had for years, or add one to a room that feels like it’s missing something. Rugs can add color and warmth to any room; use them on hardwoods, tile, or even on carpet. We have a huge selection of Feizy rugs to choose from that cover traditional to contemporary styles at all price points.

Artwork is a great way to express your personality in your home. At Hank’s & More we understand that not everyone likes the same thing, so we offer a variety of styles to give our customers a lot to choose from. You can find canvas prints, framed art, giclee prints, and at select locations we carry local artist’s work that can typically only be found in art galleries.

If you’re looking to make some small improvements, changing out lamps and accessories is the way to go. Our buyers are on top of the trends and are regularly at the markets picking out the best items that are shipped regularly to all of our 15 store locations.
At Hank’s & More we’ve been in the business of helping our customers freshen up their homes for 38 years. You can expect to find dedicated sales professionals that will be ready to help you with all of your redecorating dreams!


Hank (right) and Randy Windle (on left in brown sweater)
spent several days recently shopping for new mattresses!

Purchasing a mattress can seem like a daunting task. When you walk into a furniture or mattress store, it’s just a sea of white puffy rectangles. Everything looks the same!

As the customer, you’re forced to trust the salesperson who approaches you as soon as you step in the door. It may seem odd to entrust your sleeping habits with this random person you just met, but trust us, you’re in good hands. At Hank’s Furniture all of our sales associates are trained to be bedding experts.

Each bedding expert at Hank’s isn’t trying to just sell you the most expensive sleep system on the floor. Instead, their goal is to help educate you and get you sleeping better at night. An added perk – they’ll make sure to find a mattress that suits your needs at the most affordable price possible.

When you come into a Hank’s Furniture showroom, there is a good chance you will be shown the most luxurious product on the floor. Our bedding experts aren’t doing this to empty your wallet. We just know you deserve the best! Your Hank’s bedding expert can explain all the reasons why a top-of-the-line is the best for you. But we always keep in mind that financial comfort is the most important for every customer.

Each bedding expert at Hank’s Furniture is trained to ask questions about your sleep habits in order to find the best mattress for you. Don’t be surprised by the detail questions your bedding expert may ask you. The more honest you are about your sleeping habits, the better a match we’ll find for you!

After 40 years in business, our core belief at Hank’s Furniture is that professionalism, trust, and superior service should and will be at the forefront of the consumer experience. To this end, all sales associates go through a rigorous training program in their initial 90 days of employment. In addition, we offer continuing education courses throughout their employment to provide our customers with the best shopping experience.


Teak is known for being expensive (except at Hank’s!) because of its elegance and durability. The teak tree is native to the tropics, and is found in the Southeast Asia nations like Thailand, Burma, Malaysia, and Indonesia. There is an abundance of natural oils and rubber in the grain of the wood. All wood contains oil that protects the tree, however teak can retain these oils and rubber even after being harvested and processed. Because of this, teak has greater naturally weather resistant properties than just about any other type of wood. When dried to a proper moisture level (around 10% of its original content) the oils and rubber weatherproof the wood.

The oils also protect the wood from dry rot, which is a common problem in older wooden furniture; they also protect the heart of the wood from invaders like fungi and parasites that can destroy other woods. All of this protection is natural – no sealers or finishes!

All of this makes teak perfect for outdoor furniture. As it weathers over time, the wood goes from a honey brown color to a silvery gray. Because teak is so durable, owners can expect their purchase to last a lifetime in a wide range of climates. So come to selected hanks locations and see what we mean by our prices being so much lower than catalogs. Its affordable, will last forever and the best part, no maintenance is necessary.